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What to expect from the September 11th Update?

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Ryan Page

just your local homie
Staff member
Head Developer
Jan 23, 2022
What to expect from the new build?

New game build "Criminal Enterprise" which will mean a server update and less lag.
New Clothing will be added into the "Criminal Enterprise" build.
Optimization of our scripts and various other MLO's. Means less lag.
Food decay and various items decay.
New weapons and props will be added into the server.
Small various food perks.
New vehicles from the "Criminal Enterprise" update build.
New criminal activities from the "Criminal Enterprise" update build.
Phone and Applications Update.

New Clothing: Because new clothing are being added in, that means that when you load in that day on your character; you might have to visit a clothing store to change again. That's because there's new DLC items being added in, meaning some clothing will be placed in a different section.

New Weapons and Items: There will be a lot of new weapons and items from both the DLC and various other weapons and items that are not related to the DLC will be added in. (Katanas, teddy bears, food props, toys, etc.)

Food & Item Decay: Means that you'll need to be more vigilant when it comes to what you have stored. Some items will begin to deteriorate then turn into dust after the amount of use and or time it's been. Food will automatically spoil and decay over time as well.
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