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Regarding Whitelisted Jobs & Custom Liveries!

Ryan Page

just your local homie
Staff member
Head Developer
Jan 23, 2022
Whitelisted Jobs & Custom Liveries

We wanted to remind people that we are now going back into the swing of things; meaning that we will continue to adhere to our rules and regulations regarding whitelisted jobs which can be found simply by clicking here if you need to brush up on what they may be. That being said, command members within their whitelisted job departments will begin to remove inactive members of our community that may hold said whitelisted job and cannot adhere to our rules and regulations regarding it. If you have a reason for it, please be sure to speak to said command members in said department that you're part of; or if you own a business? Please make a ticket regarding what your situation might be like to not adhere our rules and regulations.

Custom Car Liveries are in full swing for our Patreon Members! You can check out how to obtain your own car liveries through our Patreon! Thank you to everyone who showed support and please be sure to make a ticket so that we can get started on your custom liveries and plant them on the car you want!