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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ryan Page

just your local homie
Staff member
Head Developer
Jan 23, 2022
How to Connect to the Server!?
In order to connect to the roleplay server Connect RP, you will first need to own a copy of Grand Theft Auto V (PC) which can be located in your Steam Store or Rockstar Launcher, along with various other game providers.
Once you have managed to own a copy of Grand Theft Auto V (PC), you must then download FiveM which provides modified servers like Connect Roleplay for players to be on and play their characters the way they want to! The following link provides the location you can download FiveM in.
  • Download FiveM here!
    When downloading FiveM, please be sure it being downloaded based off file location you would have Grand Theft Auto V (PC) since its servers are based off the game itself.
Once you can get into FiveM and have successfully downloaded it, you can do either of the following:
  • On your keyboard, use the "f8" key. Once you've done that, on the text bar you write down "Connect s1.connectrp.xyz" and hit your "ENTER" key. This should allow you to connect automatically into Connect Roleplay Server.
  • Once entering FiveM, there is a search bar provided to you in order to look for the server. Click on the search bar and look for "Connect Roleplay | Whitelisted Main Server". The moment FiveM searches it up, click on the server name and then click the "connect" button. This should automatically send you into Connect Roleplay Server.
Can't Get In!?!?
You're wondering why you cannot download FiveM? Well, there could be multiple reasons as to why you couldn't get in that range from the following:
  • You don't have enough disk space for FiveM in general. It can be a hefty download, especially after downloading Grand Theft Auto V (PC) which can be a large file with the free DLC's that need to be downloaded as well.
  • Your computer cannot run FiveM and or Grand Theft Auto V (PC). Some computers aren't meant for gaming, and because of that would make your personal computer have a difficult time loading up. We aren't PC experts, so we recommend you look up what's needed and if you actually need a new computer? Look up what fits your budget and can run Grand Theft Auto V (PC) and FiveM without any problems!
  • You have used the wrong files for FiveM! Remember, FiveM is based off Grand Theft Auto (PC), so when you're downloaded FiveM and it prompts you to use a file; make sure that you're using the file that contains Grand Theft Auto (PC)!
  • Your connection is down! Might want to check if that's the case?
So you've completed all of that, but can't get into Connect Roleplay Whitelisted Main Server?
There are a few reasons why you cannot connect to our whitelisted server, which can range from the following:
  • You have not connected your Discord Account with the Forum.
    - You simply go to your settings after clicking on your user "Character Name" and go to "Connected accounts". Once you've done that, you should see a Discord tab which asks you to connect your account. Once you do, to confirm it's been connected; you head over to our Discord Server "Connect Roleplay Whitelisted Community Discord" which should have your Discord User changed to your character name on our Discord Server. This process is needed for the actual main FiveM server to know if you are whitelisted or not.

    Click on me to go to connected accounts!

  • You are not whitelisted and haven't submitted an application!
    - In order to enter our server, you need to have submitted a whitelisting application. Once it's been approved by a staff member, you should be able to enter the server so long your account is connected between the forum and our discord.

    Click on me to go to Whitelisting Applications!

    (If you've done both and cannot get on the Connect Roleplay Whitelisted Main Server on FiveM; please make a support ticket on our discord channel.)