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Allow-Listed Rules & Regulations

Ryan Page

just your local homie
Staff member
Head Developer
Jan 23, 2022


Allowlisted Rules & Regulations

They are to adhere to the rules everyone within the community has to follow. The rules and regulations can be found on the following link provided:


Those allowlisted to break the rules will be met with different repercussions to the ones who are whitelisted. Allowlisted members are within a two-strike rule. Our zero policy rules which will result to being banned from the community from the following:

- Breaking Character.
- Breaking our Zero Policy rules in our rules & regulations: https://connectroleplay.com/threads/connect-roleplays-rulebook.16/
- Cheating and or using third party cheating programs.
- Metagaming people and or streamers.
- Not respecting streamers and their streams.
- No form of pacing which can be found on the link provided: https://connectroleplay.com/threads/rules-regulations-clarifications.1577/

What we do allow strikes on are just minor rule breaks that aren’t game breaking and or can be fixed. If you’ve received two strikes because of your inability to follow our rules and regulations; you will be banned from the community - to - Upon your second strike, showing you are unable to follow our rules and regulations, you will be banned from the community. The two strike rule gets removed when you become whitelisted and must follow our point system; although your strikes will be converted to points after going through our whitelisting process.