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  1. Ryan Page

    Mechanic & Tow Trucks!

    Department of Commerce Hello citizens of the State of San Andreas. We're proud to announce our new system regarding tow trucks and mechanics! Mechanics are now capable of having their own tow truck! To obtain a tow truck, you must perform the following procedures and understand our rules and...
  2. Ryan Page

    Official State of San Andreas Penal Code & Structure

    The Department of Justice works hard to ensure that civilians are properly following the laws of the State of San Andreas. With that being said, here's a public document officially stating our penal codes and current structure within the Department of Justice. State of San Andreas Penal Code...
  3. Ryan Page

    General Applications!

    General Applications San Andreas is a beautiful place with a variety of options out open to the public. With some changes being made to Los Santos Judiciary, we're proud to announce the option to fill out a form that will better assist your needs. Much like name changes, becoming an ordained...
  4. Ryan Page

    Regarding Multi-Job..

    Multi-Job System Hello Connect Roleplay Community, We're proud to introduce our multi-job system on Friday, November 18th. This will allow players the ability to have more than one job out there; allowing your character to explore the diverse opportunities that's out there. In order to make...
  5. Ryan Page


    Development Team @Mikail Ross - Head Developer @Clara Lachkey - Bug & Script Developer @Ivan Ivanov - Car Development & Developer @Quincy Okeanos - Developer @Ruckus Thompson - Clothing Developer @Wade Sukoberry - MLO Developer There might be an addition for a MLO developer, but that will be...
  6. Ryan Page

    Swearing in the Mayor!

    Mayor Inauguration We're proud to announce that @Kenny Kee will be sworn in as mayor as of 10:00 P.M. EST. on Monday the 14th. This man has been voted by the people and he will be sure to represent Los Santos the best he can. Please come by to show support and watch him swear into his position...
  7. Ryan Page


    Emergency Government Broadcasted News Governor Taylor Lee has issued a state wide lockdown. We advise that all citizens of San Andreas begin to lock their doors and prevent anyone from entering and locking infected individuals to be locked in their rooms until law enforcement or medical...
  8. Ryan Page

    Mayoral Election Results

  9. Ryan Page

    [VOTE]: Time to Vote!

    Your Vote Matters! Time to vote for your next mayor. Please choose one of your candidates wisely as they will represent the people of San Andreas!
  10. Ryan Page

    Introducing New Staff Members

    Introducing Staff Members While we continue to improve the server, we managed to come across some great individuals ready to help improve the quality of your roleplay and server. Currently they are doing the best they can to ensure that they can assist you within their means. New Developers...
  11. Ryan Page

    [IMPORTANT NEWS]: Governors Update & Mayor Elections

    Governors Update Civilians of San Andreas, this topic will be updates regarding the toxins that have been placed in the different avenues of water reservoirs and the health of various individuals that have been involved because of this. There has been an increase of people having the symptoms...
  12. Ryan Page

    Ten Days of Horror

    Ţ̸̢͙͉͉̮̦̘͈̊e̷̛̫̳̗͇̥̹͉̻͉̣̗̭͌͋͊͛͊̑͑̂̀̓̽̀̂ͅn̶̦̥͉͎̺͉̙̟̫̙̝̳̘͖͌̎̃͌̾̌̉̉̑̍̊̕ ̷̭́̉̏̈́͐̿̓̓D̶̛̠͕̅̇̌̿͆̊͑̚͝ͅā̸̡̙͚͕͓̐̆͒̃̅͑͐̀̈́ͅÿ̵̛̭̤͉̥͚̑̃̀̉͆̄̔́̎͘͝ś̸̛̫̭̺̱̰͇̉͗̈́͗́̏ ̴̨̧̹̞̥͕̮̟̝͈̊̊̀̎̐̋̕͘͠͝õ̷̰̲͙͓͔̊f̸͉̘̱̘͍̙͓̦̱͇͊̃͜...
  13. Ryan Page

    Law Enforcement Application - OPEN

    Law Enforcement Application Status OPEN Currently applications are being looked at by Command of the Law Enforcement Department. Post your applications if you're interested in such a position! Click on the following link provided for further information...
  14. Ryan Page

    Infected Water in Los Santos & Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

    San Andreas Government Urgent Update Late last night as of 0200 EST. 10/16/2022 recent events occurred where the FIB had to step in and arrest a man working at the water plant for what is assumed having poured a toxin within the last few weeks inside of different avenues of our water supply...
  15. Ryan Page

    [REQUEST UPDATE]: Twitter Verification

    Twitter Verification Requests Businesses and Whitelisted EMS/LEO are now able to request verifications on their accounts so that when they make announcements pertaining to anything; it's a verified and official account that can be trusted. Currently this will only be available to Businesses and...
  16. Ryan Page

    [WHITELISTED JOBS]: Changes & Regulations

    Whitelisted Jobs Rules & Regulations Connect Roleplay Staff Team has decided together that starting as of 10/09/2022 effective immediately any form of Whitelisted Job within the Law Enforcement, Judicial & Medical need to be able to dedicate at least seven (7) hours a week in your position in...
  17. Ryan Page

    [COMPLETED VOTE]: Crosshairs?

    Community Vote While we are fixing recoils on guns and more, we want your opinion on whether or not we should have crosshairs in the server. There are pro's and con's to every situation so before making your vote, please be sure to consider them before you do. Voting ends the Wednesday the 12th.
  18. Ryan Page

    [IMPORTANT]: Server Update

    Important Information We've finally entered the new update of our server. This update allowed us to fix a lot of the issues we had in the past, making the server better in performance and quality of life. The following updates have been made: Third Eye: Your ALT tab is important and used for...
  19. Ryan Page

    [Effective Immediately]: Food Businesses & Changes

    Department of Commerce Any business that sells food will need to be open one (1) hour or more at least three (3) days out of the week. This allows the Department of Commerce (DoC) review who is actually opening their business and or who is actually using it for nefarious means. Department of...
  20. Ryan Page

    Campaign Starts October 1st!

    Los Santos San Andreas have some new unique individuals trying to change the world! Here are the names of the individuals who will be running for Mayor starting as of October 1st! Chicken Man Ryan Page Alex Ó Murch Kenny Kee Vito Scagliere Dates involving debates and more will be announced on...